Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Duffy Family Newsletter, April 2009, Issue #1

There are eight pages in the Duffy Family Newsletter, April 2009, Issue #1.

You can click onto the image and then read and / or print a regular size hard copy / paper version of the newsletter.

Or you can also view it here: Google Docs Duffy Family Newsletter.

You may want to print out and keep each issue in a binder to be shared with your children, and grandchildren, as the issues will contain information that may be valuable to them when they become interested in their heritage.

Please send some news from your family as well as pictures for the next issue! Send to iceryder @

Sunday, April 5, 2009

About Irish Surnames

It is very common in English-speaking countries to have surnames based on the Christian name of the father. For example, the Irish “O”, as in O’Duffy, means the grandson of Duffy. In England, “Fitz” is used to indicate illegitimacy (i.e. Fitzpatrick, Fitzmichael). In Scotland and Ireland, “Mc” or “Mac” means “the son of” , i.e. McDuffy, MacDuffy.

“Son” that is added on the first name such as Jameson, Thomason and Michaelson literally means the son of James, Thomas and Michael. (Grandma Sarah, birth name Sigrid, married Grandpa Paul Hanson.) Norwegian / Danish addition of "sen" is similarly expressed, in Hansen. This is the patrynomic naming system. Sometimes, adding “s” to the first name like that of “Williams”, "Patricks", and “Michaels” is also used.

The Duffy Family

The Duffy Family, descendants of Patrick Joseph and Violet Joyce (Hanson) Duffy, will be having their yearly family reunion, the first weekend in June (June 6 and 7), 2009.